The Idea and FAQ


The Idea

All over the world children need protecting and safeguarding from cruelty and abuse at the hands of adults and corrupt organisations. We want to help where we can; help retain innocence and give children the future they deserve.

As we all know, a basic charity foundation establishes itself through donations with a portion of that donation being used for marketing and staff salaries. This leaves around 20-30% for the actual charitable work that is needed. If we can ensure that 100% goes to those who need it, we will be pioneering a totally different approach to charity. We will be UNIQUE!

So how can we achieve this?

We intend to actually buy the things that children need.

* New furniture/toys/books/clothes for an orphanage
* Medical equipment for a children’s hospital
* New equipment that can help children with disabilities
* Expensive treatments for sick children
* Scholarships for brilliant kids that can’t afford to get a proper education
* Salaries for people who take care of abused children
* Sport scholarships for talented children


Binance Smarts Chain

On what Blockchain?

We choose for BSC Binance Smarts Chain, due to the fact the fees are not that high and for tokenomics a good solution.

Who are we?

We are a team of 5 individuals who want to invest in our future generations. We are here to make a genuine difference.

How to

Survive in The Crypto Market?

We know it is challenging for a charity to survive in the Crypto market. We will implement projects for the longer term to add sustainable value. Charitable donations will be achieved though the deduction of 2% from the transaction fees.

We intend to have an ongoing marketing and collaborate with key influencers who can have impact on the community and charity. Once the charity token has been established, our existing links with celebrities will be used to promote the Children’s Token.

We are creating a platform with long term goals in mind where other BSC charity tokens can integrate to the platform.

Thank you for your kindness dear community