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Join the Family! Helping children
through the blockchain.


We are thankful for kindness of our 23 000 voluntaries.

Our mission is to help children .

We, the team behind Children’s Token, decided it’s time to help the ones that will take care of us in the near future. Everyone knows that a crypto coin is a virtual currency that can travel the world in just a few clicks. With this in mind we know that the money we donate will reach the children in a matter of seconds. Who do we help?

Who do we help?

- Orphanages
- Hospitals
- Organizations that research cancer in children
- Poor families
- Homeless Children
- Abused Children
- Scholarships in Education and Sports
And the list can go on.

Read more about our mission  »

Children’s Token Team.

If there is any information you don’t find on our website, or you have any concerns about our project you can join our Telegram group and we will answer all of your questions with 100% transparency. We can also be contacted through Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

Thank you and let’s make some children happy.

Let’s build the better world together without
starving children, pain and death.

Thank you for your kindness dear community